M6.4 Albania Quake caused by Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light

Look at the Porsche SUV under the rubble of 4 Star restaurant/night club. This image represent low vibe Reptilian/Hybrids life of Albania.

Recently, I see many quakes caused by Reptilian Secret Underground collapses with this shape of Moment Tensor.


There are winery and dam near the epicenter. Those facilities are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.


Look at the shape of vineyard on the upper image (yellow circle). They made this lines purposefully so that Reptilians/Hybrids can see and locate their underground base from the space and their home planets (such as Orion, Draco and Hydra). You can say they are modern Nazca Lines.

All the dams are constructed with their underground bases. When they construct those dams, first thing they do is digging underground tunnels.

Wineries are all part of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases with underground cellars and tunnels.

Red wines are mixed with human blood with adrenaline from abducted and killed human children. They might also have pure Blood wines.

Some Japanese wine specialist visited many wineries and traveled all over the world said “Taste of red wine is the taste of human blood.” So when you drink a bottle of red wind, taste well to find out the taste of human blood and adrenaline.

Near the dam, there is a quarry (=construction site & main entrance to Reptilian Secret Underground Base).

In Albania, there are many big quarries.


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