A Burnt Down house right on highway 247


Recent years since I moved into this area between Tuscumbia and Red Bay, Alabama where KKK Reptilian Militants & TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority owned by Federal Government = Reptilian Entity with their secret underground bases) are occupying the most of this area, I saw several houses were burnt down.

But these 2~3 days, we had so much rain, and I did not expect that whole house was burnt down. I did not find anything unusual yesterday, but today, when I passed beside that house, it had been completely burnt down. I was surprised.

I’ve never talked with people living in that house. They had moved into the house just more than one year ago. I saw a couple of young children and grandma. So it might be a big family.

What I can say is whether they have children or not, if they have quite karma and still accumulating their karma by wrong doing, their house might be burnt down by their karma. Why they get such a karma? Because, especially right now, the Earth try to get equilibrium. People try getting more and more with greed, they have to lose at certain point.

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