States where you have to pay tax on your FOOD

I moved to Alabama from Florida more than 2 years ago. I have realized Alabama is the state of spiritually primitive animal hunters with guns and rifles. In rural Alabama, you have to tolerate hearing shooting noise in especially Fall to Early Spring. In Florida, killing animal is out of moral, but not in Alabama.

That is not only you have to tolerate in Alabama. 9% of Sales Tax on your purchasing grocery is really intolerable! It adds up for a year if you calculate.

Tax on food is Tax on poor people. This is really EVIL tax system to steal money from poor people.

The list of the states that tax on your food purchase

Alabama 4%??? I have to pay 9% for purchasing food. It looks like the state tax is 4%, and local (like county or city) tax is 5%, so altogether 9% tax on food.

Arkansas 1.5%??? Last time, I went to Walmart, I had to pay close to 12% on my grocery while we were camping in Arkansas.

Hawaii: Everything is twice more expensive than the US mainland because everything is shipped. Plus you have to pay tax on your food!

Idaho 6%? I doubted. County Government of the remote area of Idaho are operated by bunch of LOAN SHARKS! Watch out the property tax! They are going to increase your property tax just like LOAN SHARKS!

Kansas 6.5%: Some reports says some local Governments fine you hundreds of dollars because you do not have right blinds or curtains of certain colors in your house. They = Reptilians know how to make money from you!

Mississippi: This poorest state in US tax on poorest people. 7% Tax on everything. The poorest people become poorer in Mississippi. These poorest people can eat 7% less than some other states in US.

Missouri: This state not only tax on people’s food but also it is known to fine hundreds of dollars on many kinds of things. They know how to steal your money efficiently, and make you their slave.

Oklahoma 4.5%: This state is making people their slaves. One of the well known Slave States. You work hard for fracking oil, but you have to pay much more money for gas compared to some other states.

South Dakota 4.5%: It is hard life living in South Dakota in the harsh environment. Winter is extremely cold. In addition to that, you have to pay tax on your food.

Tennessee 5%: Tennessee is operated by Powerful Reptilian Entity that want you to be their slaves. If you do not have very much money for food and tax, you might have to fast time to time.

Utah: Your tax money on your grocery goes to Super Rich Draconians who are operating Religion called Mormon. Your food tax money can help them to have some more wives.

Virginia: There are many Reptilian Secret Underground Bases disguising as coal mines. Your food tax money goes to UNDERGROUND!

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