Rh Negative Blood = Reptilian Hybrid Blood

Reptilian Race, Annunaki made Rh Negative Blood Hybrids such as Cro-Magnon and

They were from Atlantis.

Red hair and Green Eyes are all Alien gene (outer space gene).

Some interesting guy told me that Caucasian suddenly appeared from Caucasus Mountains. That’s why they are called Caucasian, people from Caucasus.

They have pale white skin because until they started appearing on the surface of the Earth, they use to live in caves.

Who is the God who created the Israelites? Of course, Annunaki Reptilian race.

In Sumer (now Iraq), those hybrids called themselves “lulu” mixed race.

Now, those mixed race is called Jews.

I saw an interesting US Army guy in a restaurant. He told me that he has a Cro-Magnon gene. He showed me the proof. He said Cro-Magnon has wrinkles behind his lower back head, and he showed me his own wrinkles. He might have Rh Negative blood.

He told me one interesting thing. He said US Marines are weird. He said soldiers in US Marines have more large shoulder and muscle. Was he suggesting US Marines were operated by the genetically different aliens???

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