I’m BACK from a camping trip to New Mexico. Sorry! I did not give you notice.

My eldest son said he wanted to go camping suddenly in the middle of last month. I wanted to go camping trip for long time, too. So we left without any plan and without telling you.

We did not expect the trip became a month trip. We have a smallest camper that can be carried by my V6 SUV. It has everything including kitchen, toilet and a bunk bed.

This is the one we have. It was only $6500 2 years ago at Camping World in Birmingham Alabama.

The following price is the brand new price. I paid only $6500 2 years ago.

We have been wanted a small camper because a tent could not sustain strong wind and bad weather. We wanted stay comfortably without backache. Before we got this camper, I was wondering how people could afford a camper like this for years.

Archangel Michael knew I wanted go camping with a camper. He suggested me “Do no worry about money. Money is coming to you as much as you need. Go travel to see the vastness you wanted to see for long time.”

Of course, I could not afford the camper more than $10,000. I was looking for around $5000 for a small camper my 4Runner could tow. Then I saw the information about the camper for $6500 in Camping World. It was only several year old. I jumped for that. I needed a bunk bed so that whole family can sleep. It was hard to find it.

But it was hard for me to manipulate this trailer to park. I was scared. My camper was parked on my property for 2 years. I used only 4 nights, 2 travels for 2 years. But this time, my eldest son suddenly wanted go camping. He could help me setting up and manipulating my camper.

What I want to tell you is keep dreaming what you want to get and what you want to do. If you keep dreaming, your dream come true at right timing. Archangels can help you to achieve your dream and plan.

We, 4 altogether could stay in this camper quite comfortably. I feel staying camper is more comfortable than our house because we could warm up the small space of camper easily. It was quite hot with a small electric heater even when we had freezing temperature outside. It was too hot so that we had to open the ventilator in the toilet. Everybody got enough space to sleep and enjoy computer or reading books.

I loved the scenery of New Mexico, but my sons said the scenery of North Alabama was much better. They were not impressed by all the canyons we saw.

Next few pages, I want to show you where we went and what I found such as indications of suspicious Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

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