Wildfire on Reptilian facilities and Secret Underground Base in L.A.

Reptilians Shape-Shiter (Look at her face and nose!) evacuating with her pet

At least a dozen of houses were burnt down.

Reptilians’ Expensive houses were burnt down.

This FIRE is NOT an ordinary wildfire. This is the part of the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian facilities and Underground base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

FIRE location on Google Map


Peter RoZe Foothills area has many kids of Reptilian facilities and Underground Bases.

The view of suspicious Reptilian Facilities

This is the entrance toward this suspicious facilities.


There is a giant quarry and land fill as the part of Reptilian Secret Underground base.

Another Entrance toward Reptilian Facility and their Secret Underground Base.

It looks like the smoke coming out from their Underground base.

Reptilian Antenna Facility

Oak Tree Gun Club will be burnt down soon. Where Reptilian Secret Underground Base is where a gun club is. You can call this area is militarized area with militia.


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