2 Cabins right on the Steep Cliff: No road access in Ouray, Colorado

Probably, those cabins can be accessed from a tunnel from the cliff. That cliff might have Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Many Reptilian bases exist where the whole mountains are hollowed out. If there is NO road to those cabins, there should be tunnels from behind those cabins to the hollowed mountain Reptilian city/base.

Reptilian city/base has everything including water, electricity, grocery stores including Costco, gas stands, etc…

I know Costco in Reptilian Secret Underground City right under Jordan Valley, Oregon. That Costco in Underground City has about the same things as Costco on the surface of the Earth. A friend living there went that underground Costco and bought a bag of salad and a package of chopped ram meat.

Costco in Reptilian Secret Underground Base under Jordan Valley, Oregon

More than 15 years ago, when I and (now missing) ex-husband went to Jordan Valley, we saw a herd of sheep. My ex-husband thought he could eat fresh ram in a restaurant there. Basques are living around Jordan Valley.

We decided to eat in a small Basque restaurant in Jordan Valley. He ordered ram dish. The owner of the restaurant said “We are out of ram. Is it OK to wait for a while so that we can grab ram meat near here.” We said “OK”. Then the guy went out to get some ram meat. Within 15 minutes, he came back with a bag of salad and a package of ram from Costco. I was wondering whether there was Costco near there.

When I came back from the camping trip, I checked the nearest Costco from Jordan Valley.

I had to conclude myself that the owner of the Basque restaurant went to Costco in Reptilian Secret Underground City under Jordan Valley within less than 15 minutes of round trip.

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