Reptilians meet in UN Security Council about North Korea

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

@0:18 on the following video, look at the Reptilian guy’s right hand and fingers!

Probably, he was too excited talking to the girl with mini skirt. That was why he was shape-shifted his hand.

When you try to look for Reptilian’s Shape-shift, you need to slow down the Youtube video replay speed to 0.25 (4 times slower) and stop the video time to time for better observation.

@ 0:59, look at his eye ball! This eye ball reminds me the movie “They Live”.

Why US ambassador did not agree? Because, now, US Government has become a Rothschild Military Empire with a puppet Trump who received $20 billion from Rothschild before the election. And Kim Jong-un is also a puppet of Rothschild. He was invited by Rothschild to Switzerland to study for years.

Rothschild’s Reptilian Puppets

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-581.png

Kim Jong-un‘s guard shape-shifted to Reptilian on the following video.

Big Reptilian Eye (red arrow) and long fangs (blue arrow)

Even Kim Jong-un himself Shape-Shifted to almost Nintendo Game Persona. By the way, some insider said “Most of the time, Kim is playing video games. He loves Nintendo games the best.”

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