Amazon Fire set by Reptilians

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

@ 4:21 on the following video, you can see the Reptilian Eyes of a Reptilian appointed by the President of Brasil for burning Amazon for clearing for ranchers.

@ 7:22, privileged Reptilian rancher’s Reptilian Eye Slit

This Amazon fire set by ranchers and land grabbers represents Reptilian philosophy

“My land is mine, your land is also mine.”

“My money is mine, your money is also mine.”

Reptilians feel they are entitled to own whatever they want. Reptilians feel they are entitled to do whatever they want for their own benefit.

Reptilians feel they are above the law. They are the ones who set the law only apply to humans (Of course, those law are not applied to Reptilians.)

Reptilian Rancher said

“We will preserve the Amazon. But we will preserve the Amazon for our needs. Not the needs of the world.”

They are invaders who suddenly came to invade the land of indigenous people. Those invaders killed the most of indigenous people. Then they claim the land for themselves.

In US history, when Reptilian invaders came from Europe, they killed 95% of native Indians in order to steal their land. Then they claimed those stolen land for themselves. Now, the same pattern repeats all over again in Brazil.

But their day will be over soon. Those Reptilians will be sent to a Prison Planet by Galactic Federation of Light. All humans enslaved by Reptilians (by their FAKE money system) are liberated soon.

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