Rothschild try to cover up Climate Change by purchasing Weather Channel

I’ve found this article by watching Evolutionary Energy Arts.

What Reptilian Entities such as Rothschild LLC are scared is that people are going to find out Climate Change is happening as “The Sign of End Time”.

Around the time when Rothschild purchased Weather Channel, the website “Intellicast Radar” operated by Weather Channel had been removed.

I had checked Intellicast Radar everyday for years. I was shocked Intellicast Radar was removed, and they put useless radar instead so that we could not see the live radar image anymore.

Their cover up for Climate Change/ the Sign of Change is so obvious. They are so desperate. Reptilian Entities want people to think everyday is the same forever as their slaves. They broadcast their lies such as “Climate change is happening because of more CO2 in our atmosphere”.

But the Great Change is coming! 3D Earth is going to be destroyed soon by Supernova! Everybody has to choose whether ascend or descend.

A couple days ago, I saw a vivid dream. I saw huge tall evergreen trees were crashed and falling down in a vast area. I saw it from the sky as if I was on a spaceship. Then I wake up and went to a bathroom to pee. I went back to my bed and fell a sleep. Then, again, I saw the continuation of that vivid dream that tall evergreen trees were crashed and fell down in a vast area just like Tunguska Explosion.

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