Truth from Indigenous Reptilian

An indigenous Reptilian came to some website and offered some information hidden from people.

Indigenous Reptilians evolved from a dinosaur

Indigenous Reptilians are here on the Earth even before humans arrived on the Earth.

Agreement with Government

Reptilians (both indigenous & from outer space such as from Orion, Draco and Hydra) have the agreement with any Government on the Earth that they can get FREE money from Government, and they can also create FAKE money by putting any digits on their bank accounts.

Reptilians enjoys going to expensive resorts and restaurants with those money created out of thin air. They also use those money in order to enslave humans.

They have also the agreement with Governments on the Earth that Governments supply human youths and children for their consumption in exchange for Military Technologies. Governments abduct human children for them, and Reptilians can offer some military technologies for Governments.

Military has a special force to abduct human youths and children. It is called Military Abduction aka MiliAb. Governments also use Child Protection Service in order to abduct children from families. Those agents both in Military and Child Protection Service can get $6000 incentives per 1 child abduction.

His life on the surface of the Earth

Of course, he does not need to work. He goes to expensive beautiful resorts and restaurants to enjoy his life. His favorite food in Japan is raw horse meat.

When it’s too cold in winter, they go back to their underground cities where is always around 65 degrees (18 degrees in celcius) because they are cold blooded creature who cannot control body temperature.

Any enemies?

Yes, they have enemy in their underground cities. Time to time, they fight against mantis looking insectoids.

He said those insectoids are really strong. Many Reptilians were killed.

They do NOT meddle Earth affair.

They are NOT the part of Reptilian Entity, Illuminati. Reptilians in Illuminati come from outer space such as Orion, Draco and Hydra Star System. Those Illuminati Reptilians asked them “Let’s have a war so that we can hunt humans in a war zone.” But those indigenous Reptilians rejected that idea even though they also eat human children as their food.

They see those Illuminati Reptilians are “dangerous”. If you accidentally enter indigenous Reptilian underground cities, you are in danger. But if you accidentally enter Illuminati Reptilian Secret Underground Bases, you are gravely in danger.

Bleak future and suicide

It is amazing to hear Reptilians commit suicide, but they do. Especially, some of them, who do not feel joy and hope, commit suicide even though they can have unlimited money from Government and enjoy the most expensive resorts and restaurants.

How they can shape-shift to human figures

They have a chip implanted in their body (probably around their necks) that can enable to shape-shift to human figures. Human hologram have been broadcasted from the cellphone towers. They use liquid crystal technology for human holograms.

They have been eating human youths and children for thousands of years.

He said “Do not tell me NOT to eat human children because we have been eating human children for centuries. They are our food.”

Where is his Reptilian Underground City?

The Underground city he lives is located just under Yamazaki MAZAK underground factory where kinds of robots and machines are made.

MAZAK says they have the underground factory because of the quality assurance, but the real reason is that the underground factory is the entrance to the secret underground city where he lives.

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