M2.3 Tremor: Reptilian Underground Base Collapse near my area


The epicenter was NOT in Tennessee. It was near Florence, Alabama where does NOT have quakes.

Some people told me there is NO quakes around this area so the tremor should be something else such as Reptilian Underground Base Collapse.

Today, in Florence, Alabama, we had quite a big storm. That storm was short, but we had torrential rain and strong gust. I suspected some area might have gotten tornadoes.

Strange M2.3 tremor and a crazy storm came almost at the same time? There is NO coincidence. The Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Base led by Galactic Federation of Light was going on in North Alabama!

In addition, yesterday, it was a big fire somewhere. Burnt smells are spreading everywhere. Many fire trucks passed. But I could not find where was burnt. I also could not find news related to that fire.

Epicenter on Google Map


This is the street view toward the epicenter. Of course, you cannot see anything special. But Reptilian Secret Base is located underground.

What is this? Is this just a giant sprinkler system?


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