Reptilian Shape-Shifters on NBC News 10/2/2019

All the images are taken from the video at the bottom of this page.

First, Reptilian black activists with Reptilian Eye Slit starts @0:16 on the following video.

Crown actor’s Reptilian Eye @1:04

Again, Reptilian black activist with Reptilian Eye Slit and Reptilian Flicking Tongue starts @4:07.

Bernie Sanders’ Reptilian hand shape-shifting @ 11:35. Look at his thumb and the rest of his fingers.

Bernie Sanders’ Reptilian Eye Slits starts @ 12:05

Sanders’ Reptilian Stare @ 12:21

Reptilian Neck supporting head with extra muscle lines of NBC news caster.

Reptilians have come from their home planets such as Orion, Draco and Hydra Star systems where have less gravities than the Earth.

In addition, they have 13 much thinner neck bones than the ones of humans. That’s why they need extra muscle lines to support their head.

The image above left is the drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Anatomy of Reptilian” with 13 thin neck bones.

The image above right is the image of Human Anatomy with 7 thick neck bones.

Trump wants to “shoot migrants’ legs” and build “Alligator Moat” starts @ 13:32.

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