Reptilian Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s Reptilian Eye

This video was taken from the original video of the interview and campaign of the movie “Mr and Mrs Smith” in Japan.

Brad Pitt said about Angelina Jolie “She is really selfish. It was really hard to work together. I don’t want to work with her anymore.” But mysteriously they had gotten married just after this interview.

Angelina Jolie’s eyes became suddenly demonic with Reptilian Eye Slits just after Brad Pitt insulted her.

After I made this video by slowing down the original video, some mysterious comment came. “Thank you for posting this video. Only by slowing down the original video, we can find Reptilian shape-shift easily. Now I can make my own Reptilian Angelina Jolie video.”

Sometime later, she left the address of her “Reptilian Angelina Jolie” Youtube video on the comment section. Her video showed Angelina Jolie perfectly shape-shifting to Reptilian while she was walking and entering to some talk show stage.

Those comments had been removed by her already so I cannot show you anymore. But who was this mysterious commentator? I guess she was Jennifer Aniston whose marriage with Brad Pitt was messed by Angelina Jolie.

Reptilian Angelina Jolie has Nictitating membrane.

Reptilians have Nictitating membrane.

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