Explosions of Reptilian Secret Underground/Undersea Bases 10/3/2019


Around the epicenter was lifted by Explosion.

I could not find seismogram of Greece. The nearest one was Turkey’s.

It was obviously Explosion!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-445.png

Undersea Explosion Epicenter on Google Map


All the undersea bumps might be undersea domes of Reptilian Secret Undersea Bases.


The same pattern as previous Greece Explosion

Seismogram shows Explosion pattern.

Philip Schneider who killed 2 large Grays in Dulce Alien Base in New Mexico said US Military (=Reptilian Military) had created Reptilian Secret Underground Base in Papua New Guinea. Probably, that underground base was exploded.


Reptilian Secret Underground Base, the extension of Fairchild Air Force Base (owned by Reptilians) in Spokane, Washington was Exploded!

Explosion Epicenter on Google Map


Epicenter on Google Map


Reptilian Secret Underground Base, the extension of the giant quarry (red arrow) was exploded.

Quarries/mines = construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases

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