ANTIFA is created by Reptilian Entity such as CIA = NAZI

Throughout a history, all the enemies were created by Reptilians in order to create a war, the human hunting ground for Reptilians so that Reptilian can get fresh supply of human blood, meat and organs as their food.

Even now, all the religions against each others and politics, right and left wings are all created by Reptilian entities such as CIA = NAZI. This tactics are called “Divide and Conquer”.

This ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist) group is also created by CIA = NAZI to make more divisions so that stupid people fight against each other.

Reptilians love to wear black hoodie. Galactic Federation of Light calls Reptilians “Dark Shirts”.

All the violences are staged events planned by CIA = NAZI = Reptilian Entity.

CNN Reporter’s Reptilian Eye Slit

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