1 5 Million Miles per Hour Solar CIR G2 or Stronger Earth Bound Flare!

Yes, we are divinely guided!

Reptilians and their hybrid militants had try to shoot me almost everyday for more than 2 years. They had never succeeded. Even trained retired Green Beret failed to shoot me. I know I am protected. But shooting noise got me really upset and angry. Those shooting noises were too loud and aggressive just like “I’m gonna kill you!”. Can you imagine I had to deal those shooting noise everyday!

But now, those US military including US ARMY and KKK militants in North Alabama have finally realized they cannot kill me in any way. Being their target was my mission, and let them realize that shooting does not solve their problem.

They have realized their life condition are getting more miserable because of their karma. Several houses around my area had been burnt down. They have gotten a hard lesson. I tell you the era of Reptilian Dominance is over!

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