WTF?? Hospital Staff Dumps Patient Having Seizure On The Ground

As I mentioned many times, hospitals are the most dangerous places on the Earth. The most hospitals (if not all) have Reptilian Secret Underground Base attached underneath.

The most doctors and nurses are Reptilians working in those hospitals. Those Reptilians harvest your organs by doing unnecessary surgeries and operations. They also do many kinds of human experiments such as Chemotherapy with MUSTARD GAS!

The following video shows how those hospital Reptilian staff dumped patient with seizure. They put some kind of bag over her head and face, put her on wheel chair, carried her into parking lot and dumped her on the ground.

In the hospital parking lot, just behind a pickup truck, several hospital working Reptilians dumped this woman covered by a strange bag over her face at night.

What was going on in this Reptilian operating hospital? All the staff working there wants this incidence covered up and secret. Even Reptilian helicopter and police appeared on the scene in order to cover up.

All the local Governments including Law Enforcement (=police) are operated by Reptilians. All the villages, towns, cities, counties, states an Federal Government are Reptilian entities.

Each unit of village, town, city, county and state is owned by high position famous Reptilian family. For example, Colbert County in Alabama has been owned by several high position reptilian families such as Foster family who owned Rattlesnake Saloon. Their son is the City Commissioner of Tuscumbia, the capital city of Colbert County. So basically, they owned the whole Colbert County. If you think county is a public entity, you had better think again. It is a private entity owned by Reptilian families.

This woman in the following video said that they (hospital staff) tried to strangulate her by choking her neck. After that, they dumped her on the ground in its parking lot with a strange bag over her. Probably, abductors are supposed to come to get her.

In Japan, many cases are reported that people are chocked by a hospital staff in order to harvest their organs.

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