President Trump is Fighting for Rothschild (NOT for us)

Since Trump has take over White House, many of our rights have been almost removed.

One of them is Freedom of Speech on Internet.

My blog was removed right after he took his office. Suddenly, the number of access increased from Russia! Then my blog was removed.

He has created “Cyber Force” that is messing up all the search engines so you can never find my articles on any search engines.

Many Youtube channels are demonetized, and many Youtubers lost their income and their Freedom of Speech.

Trump has been talking for decades that he wants to “Shut Down the Internet”. He is the side of Reptilian Authorities that want to stop the information, that they don’t want people to see, spreading by Internet.

Trump is draining the Swamp? He is only draining of Rockefeller group including Bush faction (Rothschid’s rivals) and Democrats, political enemies. All these are done for Rothschild who paid $20 Billion to Trump before the election.

Trump has spent $24 trillion tax money on US military (including Cyber Force) in order to have another war! Rothschild is the one who paid both sides of WWII in order to have that war.

What is a war?

Rothschild paid huge (FAKE) money for both sides of enemies in order to have WWII. For Reptilians, a war is the hunting ground to get fresh young humans for their insatiable appetite for human blood, human meat and every human organ. Yes, you are their food and slave. A war makes good opportunity to get freshly hunted young humans they devour.

During WWII, many witness saw US military abducted and loaded young girls onto their military trucks in Okinawa. Those girls had never come back! Where are they? Now you know where they were. They were taken to their secret underground bases to be eaten. Some witness saw US military Reptilian guys ripped baby’s bodies and threw into their BBQ fire.

Another thing what Trump is doing is that he has started the Reptilian Financial System by giving Reptilians the right to get FREE money from Government and the right to create FAKE money by putting any digits they want into their bank accounts.

During Obama administration, Obama stopped giving FREE money to Reptilians. Because of this, many RV (Recreational Vehicle such as luxurious camping trailers) producing companies went bankruptcy. Who buys RVs? Of course, the most of them are Reptilians who have FREE money and FREE time. But their stream of money stopped, they could not afford RV anymore. But after Trump has taken office, RV industry got Record Profit!

One Reptilian woman told me just after Trump won “It is good we (as Reptilians) can get money from him. He is going to give us money!”

Is there anybody who gets money from Trump? Not me!

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