Geomagnetic Storm Warning: G1 and G2 class magnetic storms are possible

Magnetosphere: Before Geomagnetic Storm Impact>>>12

Magnetosphere: After Geomagnetic Storm >>>9

This is just beginning of Geomagnetic Storm. More waves of Geomagnetic Storm are coming.

This is really high pressure. Do you feel it?

Whenever Geomagnetic Storm with high speed solar wind coming to the Earth, I feel pressure around my abdomen and feel gassy and burpy. Sometimes, I feel difficult to even drink water. I need to sip little by little because the high pressure of Geomagnetic Storm is pressing my abdomen and stomach.

Some people witnessed a dish was cracked in half by the force of the impact of Geomagnetic Storm.

The impact of wave (blue arrow) of Geomagnetic Storm

A wave of Geomagnetic Storm hit hard on Magnetosphere and cracked open (red arrow).

When the wave hit Magnetosphere, the highest pressure we got!

No wonder my abdomen has gotten so much pressure that it has become bloated and gassy. I have to burp many times. I cannot eat very much. I cannot even drink water. I have to sip bit by bit.

I tell you many people have headed to hospitals for this condition because they do not know anything about Geomagnetic Storm Impact!

Because of this pressure, the Earth is having quakes including big ones everywhere.

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