Rothschilds Connection between Trump and Kim Jong-un

Why Trump is fond of Kim Jong-un?

They have the bond of being in the same group of Rothschilds.

Trump had received $20 Billion from Rothschild before the election.

Kim Jong-un studied in Switzerland for 2 years, being invited by Rothschilds. His (secret & real) mother is Megumi Yokota, who is Japanese Royal Bloodline.

North Korea had been created by Japanese Emperor Royals just after WWII. Yes, Japanese Royals are NOT really Japanese. They are North Koreans originally have come from North Korea. North Korea have human concentration camps where the food grade humans are raised.

Japanese Royals have been involving food grade human trafficking and human sausage business world wide including a human sausage factory in St. Louis.

Kim Jong-un looked he couldn’t very much understand what Trump was talking about. He did not have very much reaction at all even though he studied in Switzerland. Some insider says ” What Kim Jong-un is doing everyday is just to play Nintendo games.” So he must have LOW IQ.

Trump is draining THE SWAMP? My interpretation is there is a power conflict between Rothschilds Group and Rockefeller Group among Illuminati.

That’s why Trump plays a role to weaken Rockefeller group that includes Bush family. Rothschilds wants to eliminate Rockefeller faction as much as possible. That’s why he paid $20 billion to Trump to do the job.

Anyway, Trump is NOT on your side. He is still Draco Reptilian who loves to dominate human population. He has been talking about “Shutting Down Internet” in order to stop spreading the information that Reptilian Entities want to hide.

What Trump wants is the regime just like NAZI. Hitler was a child of Rothschilds and his mistress.

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