Alabama: Reptilian Secret Underground Base is under Attack

Blacked seismogram = Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light

I’ve found the location of Lakeview Retreat, Alabama. If you type this name on Google Map, you cannot find it. It looks like this is the golf retreat beside a small lake.

Map does not have any description about this golf retreat. It is easy to imagine that this golf retreat is ONLY for Reptilians.,-86.9991132,996m/data=!3m1!1e3

Here is not far from Birmingham. Look at the giant quarry (=construction site and main entrance of Reptilian Secret Underground Base).

Around this retreat, there is NO sign of the retreat NOR street view.

These street views are the entrance from highways toward the retreat. Both street views don’t have any sign for that retreat. That means this is a secret retreat for Reptilians where child sacrifice is going on.

So USGS has seismo station right on the Reptilian exclusive golf retreat. That means USGS is a Reptilian entity.

Probably, all the seismo stations are located right on Reptilian facilities with Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Look at the south of Birmingham! There are so many giant quarries! There should be a big population of Reptilians living underground.,-86.8158514,15922m/data=!3m1!1e3

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