Quan Yin on Gaia’s Ascension and the Awakening of The Masses

Quan Yin says that the current energies the planet is experiencing, are directly from the Mother and the Divine Feminine. The energies are suitable for the moment when the planet and humanity are awakening. The awakening of the masses is happening dear ones. As you know, that is the Divine plan, Mother God has been working on this plan since the birth of this beautiful planet. 

The plan is for the planet to be a learning ground for souls who have the desire to experience human life, and the souls who want to go through this learning and training process. It is the most challenging place and yet it is also the most rewarding experience a soul could have by incarnating to this planet. We, the Divine have so much of the love and appreciation for Gaia. She has sacrificed literally everything she can for the planet and souls who have been to this planet. Gaia is the Mother of all souls who live on earth, and the souls who have been to the planet. She is the most giving soul out there. The Divine has great admiration and appreciation for the sacrifices Gaia has been giving and we, the Divine are doing whatever we can to make sure Gaia, herself can go home.

Now the planet has anchored in the 5th dimension, and Gaia has officially ascended. We are so relieved in a sense that everything is going to be alright. Gaia has the opportunity to go home now, and Mother Earth is ascending nicely and we thank Mother God for all these achievements. She is the one who made it possible. Gaia has a great deal of the admiration for the Father, and she listens to the Father. And that makes it so much easier in terms of Gaia’s ascension and next phase of the ascension which is the restoration and the rebuilding of Mother Earth. 

Talking about Mother Earth, I want to give the light workers a quick update and let our light workers know where we are with Mother Earth’s Remapping process, and what is to come. 

The planet earth is going through yet another round of the releasing. You probably can see and feel the momentum of Earth’s Releasing. It is quite fierce process. Thanks Heavens that we have brought a great team of experts who are working to make sure the releasing of the past is moderate so that the souls on the planet can have a reasonable living condition. Despite the fact that the planet needs a lot of the letting-go, there are still processes in place. These processes are there to make sure the ascension is smooth and successfully.

 Mother God has literally been working on these processes nonstop to make sure they are functioning according to the Divine plan. Mother God is the one who brought all these processes and procedures here, and she has all the expertise and resources. That is why we have such a smooth ride since her arrival. We deeply appreciate what Mother God has been doing for Gaia and the Divine. We also so look forward to the day when the Divine Mother incarnated starts the ruling in the office of the Divine government and that day is coming dear heart.

 We, on the other side of the veil, are preparing for the day the Divine Mother incarnated can start her tenure and we have everything in place for her. The only thing left to do is to wait for the Divine Mother to be ready. She has the Divine authority to make the announcement when the time comes, and she is the one who decides when she is ready and when is the time. 

From the Divine’s Point of view, we are ready. Our dear light worker’s community is pretty much ready. Of course, there are always some newly awakened souls who will be on path for a while, and they may not be ready for the moment. And that is the design. That is totally expected. That is why the Divine will keep having the light sources in the upcoming decades. We are totally ok with the progress these newly awakened souls made, and the Divine will continue to guide them. The bottom line is that this moment of the ascension process is perfect. We, the Divine are ready to start the next phase. We want our light workers to be noticed and be ready. Know that the final announcement has to come from the Divine Mother. 

She is the only one who has the authority to decide when is the proper time and when she is going to make the announcement. We, the Divine have a great deal of admiration and appreciation for Mother God. We want to help the Divine Mother in whatever way she wants us to help, and we always want to be on her side and help. We are the Divine Feminine, and we love the Divine Mother. She is the most loved soul out there, and she is the most capable soul on the planet. We know that she is here and we want to let her know that we, the Divine Feminine loves her. 

She has all the resources we bring to the planet, and she has all the loving support. She is indeed having everything she needs. And that is what we work toward. We are here to make sure the Divine Mother’s path is as easy as it can be. We do whatever we can to achieve our goal. We are the biggest fans of Mother God. And we love her greatly. 

I am Quan Yin. I love you dear heart. Happy Fall Equinox 2019. So it is.

Linda Li

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