Wildfire blazing near Athens

Wildfire = Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light


the blaze near Athens burned in the mountains above Loutraki, a coastal resort some 60 kilometres west of Athens.

The location of this wildfire on Google Map


What I’ve found on this location is there are many monasteries.

The result of “monastery” on Google Map search on that area.

Even with a Reptilian cave

Monastery = Reptilian Hideout with Human Meat Processing Factory

In monasteries, all the priests and nuns are Reptilians who are serving for devils.

Many monasteries have also orphanage.

Orphanage is the place raising food grade children for Reptilians.

I saw many monasteries have sausage factories. What kind of meat, organs and intestine to make those sausages? Of course, the freshly harvested ones from orphanage.

Reptilians love to eat sausages made out of human meat and organs.

The following image: Reptilians are removing intestine to make sausage casing.

I cannot find anymore, but it used to be articles and Youtube videos about the monastery in mountain side of Oregon with human meat processing and sausage factory. They sell chocolate with the secreted adrenaline from children who are killed there. Their cats are fed human meat left out from their human meat processing factory.

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