Artificial Sweeteners Aspartame can kill you!

The article then goes onto to describe the lady laying a pile of aspartame dir4ectly on the floor, and the ants covered the pile of aspartame with debris and such as a WARNING to other ants the stuff is deadly!

Those ants are so smart! But humans are NOT!

Still I see people grabbing those boxes of artificial sweetener in a grocery store.

Today, I experimented ants bait with Sweet ‘N Low mixed with honey. And I’ve found all the ants were dead within 1 minute!

It looked like they were fed by some kind of nerve poison, and they could not move after 10 second or so.

What I disappointed was they did not carry to their nest to feed queen. I’ve been annoyed that they are everywhere on my kitchen counter for months! Of course, they died so quickly that they even could not get out of the container with Sweet ‘N Low.

Aspartame was from straight from Military Base. It was a chemical weapon accidentally found it was sweet.

So Reptilian Entity, Illuminati has created that chemical weapon into artificial sweetener.

Ants refused to eat it, and if they are fed those artificial sweetener, they are dead. Why humans do not refuse to have those chemicals that will kill you.

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