Japan’s Typhoon Damage is so great that fast recovery is impossible.

Within Tokyo Electric district, 2 towers of major power line and 84 electric poles were destroyed by that typhoon.

This is 3rd day after typhoon left. Still many people do not have electricity and water.

In Chiba, many people were lined up for water and food. But what they got was only water.

In order to get gas, people are waiting for nearly 1 hour in line outside gas stations.

Now, they have extreme hot weather. One old lady died because of that heat.

Long line for getting water:

In Chiba, more than 16,000 households do not have water because of the typhoon damage.

418,800 households do not have electricity.

Cosmo Gas Station’s roof was flipped.

Main reason of the delay was sudden storm yesterday. Flash flood made some cars stalled.

In the southern tip of Chiba peninsula, the damage was much worse without electricity and water.

Yesterday’s thunder storm:

Lightning = Direct Energy Weapon of Galactic Federation of Light

Flash Flood

During fixing electric wire, there was lightning.

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