‘Stop killing our babies!’ – Anti-vaxxers say no to compulsory vaccination

Why Government (=Reptilian Entity) wants you or your children to be vaccinated?

It’s because they want people to be dumb down by being injected nerve agents such as mercury so that they can use you as their slave.

They are afraid that humans become enough smart to find out Reptilian 3D Matrix (=Illusion) system that everything is a lie!

Reptilians want humans to dwell in 3D Matrix they created so that humans remain forever their money slaves.

Reptilians need humans because they do not have good brain. When you talk to a Reptilian, you feel like “Are you retarded?” or talking to a Low IQ person. They know humans are more intelligent and creative. Reptilians need to depend on humans and humans’ work.

Reptilians are afraid humans are going to get away from Reptilians’ rule. If they lose humans as their slaves, they cannot have good life.

Reptilians (=Government) want to keep humans as their slave as long as possible by injecting humans all sorts of nerve agents (mercury, aluminium, some other heavy metals), cocktail of all sorts of viruses and bacteria, and even cancer cells. That is the real reason for vaccination.

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