San Francisco Declares the N.R.A. a ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’

The city’s lawmakers unanimously passed the resolution in response to recent mass shootings.

Unsettled by recent mass shootings across the nation, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution this week declaring the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization.

I myself really agree with City of San Francisco.

NRA is a Militant Organization cooperate with US Military.

Those members are agents of US Military, and once US Military finds Light Workers of Galactic Federation of Light, those NRA agents are following Light Workers and try to shoot and kill us.

Last 2 years in North Alabama where I have moved from Florida, I have been stalked and become their target.

I had to hear thousands of shots for last 2 years. So many cars with NRA sticker on their rear window are stalking around me all the time. I am really fed up those NRA agents. Many of them also have the Serpent flag stickers saying “Don’t tread on me”. So many of NRA members are Reptilians!

NRA = Reptilian Militia Organization under US military

I hope Galactic Federation of Light sweeps those annoying Reptilian militias as soon as possible. I know many of them have already been sent to a prison planet.

Anyway, Light Workers have been protected by Galactic Federation of Light! We do not need to worry about being killed by those Reptilian militants. But still they are so annoying!

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