My thought about Destruction of 2 islands of Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian

Why Hurricane Dorian stayed more than 24 hours in order to destroy Grand Bahama and Abaco Island of Bahamas?

The destruction was NOT a coincidence. There is NO coincidence in this world. Everything is meant to happen for some reasons.

I don’t know what was happening in those islands, but something was terribly evil and bad. Those secrets were well hidden from people’s eyes.

What kind of people were there? Is there big population of Cannibal Reptilians disguising as human? Those Reptilians love to stay some touristic resort area. They prefer to stay tropical islands rather than cold area because they cannot control the body temperature with cold blood. They have plenty of money created out of thin air.

I saw Draconian looking big BBQ eaters kind of people as evacuees on TV. Think about what kind of people can live on resort islands without working.

All natural disasters are part of the Earth cleansing. The Earth is shaking its parasites out of its body.

There are always reasons to happen. Everything is planned. There is no accident nor coincidence in this world.

About 30 years ago, I went to Bahamas for several days from Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t remember what island I went. I guess it was Nassau because I saw many tall buildings. When I went to buy some juice to a kind of corner store, the cashier did not give me the change. When I asked about the change, another black guy came and told me “You are rude!”. So in Bahamas, there is a culture that people cannot get change when they go shopping. It was small change so I did not mind very much, but I felt really strange about it.

You will never know that what kind of hidden culture is waiting until you actually visit and stay.

But I tell you cannibalism exists everywhere including Bahamas. For those poor people living in the shanty town without money on Abaco island, how they can survive? Everything is at least double priced on islands compare to the price in countries on continents.

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