Glaciers in Alaska are rapidly melting and making Ice Quakes

Ice Quakes can happen when ice is rapidly melting and calving.

I’ve been checking USGS site for nearly 10 years, and I’ve never seen Ice Quakes until the beginning of this year. Just this year, suddenly, many ice quakes have started appearing.

Yakutat Bay and glacier

I also found this area, Yakutat Bay had 2 major quakes.

Wikipedia says “Yakutat Bay was the epicenter of two major earthquakes on September 10, 1899, a magnitude 7.4 foreshock and a magnitude 8.0 main shock, 37 minutes apart.”

If you see the following video, you can understand glacier calving can cause Ice Quakes.

Arctic Ice is melting rapidly because of Repolarization of the Earth led by Galactic Federation of Light in the beginning of this year. North Pole and South Pole locations have been moved.

All the melted water from Arctic and Antarctica has to move. That can cause more circulation of water on the Earth and floods.

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