Creepy Medical Machine on Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion

Is this kind of torture equipment?

This remind me the movie, Hostel. This movie is based on the true story.

You think you can have a nice vacation, but Reptilians disguising as human operating that hostel will torture, kill, and butcher you.

These kind of torture chambers exist along with the existence of cannibal Reptilians and Vampire Reptilians.

They love to drink blood with high adrenaline, the hormone you can get when you are excited or frightened. After Reptilians drink adrenaline blood, they can be really high just like taking street drugs.

Actually I saw a suspicious guy with blood splattered stains on his surgeon cloth. He told me he was a painter and those stains were paint stains. But I as a women who has gone through many years of monthly period knew those stains were obviously blood splatter. If he lied about it, it was very suspicious what he was actually doing.

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