This Can Flush Hundreds Of Gallstones, Making Your Liver Function 10 Times Better

If you are over 40, you should do this liver flush at least 2 times a year. Especially if you are meat eater, you have more gallstones because of more intake of animal cholesterol.

This process can not only remove the painful gallstones but also cleanse your liver with accumulated toxins. That means any illness including cancer can be cured by this cleansing.

The tip of this cleansing is to accumulate as much bile as possible before start cleansing. The more bile, the more gallstones can be flushed. How to do that? Just skip the meals before this cleansing on that day. Yes, by fasting, you can get the best result. If you eat some fatty food mistakenly before the cleansing, you have a big chance you will fail to get rid of stones because bile is going to be secreted in order to digest that fatty food. Any food has a bit amount of fat.

Another tip is after you drink olive oil + citrus juice, you immediately have to lie down and sleep on your bed. So before you drink it, you have to prepare everything to go to bed.

I hope you can successfully cleanse your liver and flush all the gallstones accumulated in your body. I do this whenever I feel pain around right upper abdomen where liver and gallbladder are located. Especially after I eat all the fatty fried stuff in a Chinese buffet.

Do not get surgery to remove gallbladder which doctors usually recommend you. Gallbladder has very important function to secret bile so that you can digest fatty fried stuff easily. After you remove that organ, you cannot eat fatty food anymore. As you know, most of food has fat in some degree.

I noticed that most of people whose organ was removed could not live very much longer after the surgery. So you had better avoid any kind of organ removing surgery. Dark Reptilian Entities operating hospitals want your healthy organ for their consumption. After they harvest your healthy organ, they say “Bon Appetit!”

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