USA Government is building “Cannibal Alien Base” in Tonto National Forest

This was the news in Japan on February 17, 2017.

According to Black Vault website (, Government document about building Cannibal Alien Base in Tonto National Forest near Phoenix, Arizona was found.

Department of Agriculture (USDA) disclosed vast amount of files related to the site of Cannibal Alien Base including Aliens and UFO activities.

A witness reported to National Forest Ranger Station that Government is building Alien Secret Base in Tonto National Forest near Phoenix.

Rangers are notified that Alien Base construction has started around Salt River Canyon and Pinnacle Creek.

Witness saw the construction, stealth planes and UFOs. Aliens and humans are working together. Those aliens are eating humans! The witness took some pictures of dismembered human bodies eaten by those Aliens.

US Government has the Agreement with those Cannibal Aliens. US Government offers humans as their food, and Government can get the technology from those aliens.

MUFON Director says the biggest Alien Base is located in Tonto National Forest, and many people are disappearing around there.

End of the article

Do you remember a big wildfire occurred in Tonto National Forest this Summer? This wildfire should be the Cleaning-up Operation on Reptilian Secret Underground Base led by Galactic Federation of Light.

There are huge quarries (red circle) in Tonto National Forest near Phoenix.,-111.374543,122491m/data=!3m1!1e3

Mines and Quarries are all construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Base. Last year, there was a wildfire sign in this area for months. I bet their underground base was burnt by Galactic Federation of Light.

‘Man-eating aliens and people working on top-secret base’ US official records reveal

A TOP-SECRET base for “human-eating aliens” has allegedly been built in a US national park, official records suggest.

Files – released by the United States Department of Agriculture – reveal a caller once witnessed the construction of an alien base in the Tonto National Forest, near Phoenix, Arizona.

Founder of the UFO website The Black Vault, John Greenewald, obtained the extraordinary information.

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