Super Nova: Sun’s Destiny to Collide with PlanetX?

You might not know, but Reptilians live in Hydra, and many Hydra Reptilians are here on the Earth disguising as humans.

These hydra Reptilians are making the world of chaos on the Earth.

The part of their Hydra Star System got Super Nova condition, 2 binary stars collided each other, made their Star System not very much habitable.

What I would like to emphasize is this event might happen to our Solar System!

You might not know that Sun has a binary star, called PlanetX (Nibiru). PlanetX is already here in Solar System. The following video might suggest we are going to have Super Nova just like Hydra Star System, Sun and PlanetX collide each other and have Super Nova.

The information from Galactic Federation of Light says “The (3D) Earth will be unhabitable and become just like a rock.” That match the description of Super Nova. Even Reptilians hiding their Secret Underground Bases cannot survive in that condition.

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