Mississippi Makes Selling ‘Veggie Burgers’ a Crime and forces you to eat HUMAN MEAT BURGER.

All the Vegan products are banned in State of Mississippi.

Mississippi’s ban will have a devastating effect on companies like Upton’s Naturals, an independently owned, Chicago-based manufacturer of vegan foods. Upton’s Naturals markets its foods to consumers who are specifically looking for alternatives to meat. Not surprisingly, then, Upton’s Naturals’ labels proudly state that its foods are 100% vegan, while also using terms that let consumers know what these foods substitute for, such as “burger,” “bacon,” and “chorizo.” But under Mississippi’s new law, which went into effect on July 1, 2019, these and other similar labels are now illegal, with potential fines and even criminal penalties for violations.

Reptilian owned State of Mississippi support HUMAN MEAT BURGER industry.

300,000 children are abducted every year in US. Vampires called Reptilian Jews (not all Jews) drink freshly squeezed children’s blood. Children’s dead bodies become BURGERS especially for McDonald.

Do you remember that Reptilians cannot stay in human figure unless keep drinking human blood?

State of Mississippi want you to eat real BURGERS with abducted children’s meat instead Vegan products.

The following video has all the info about Systematical Children’s Abduction for blood and meat.

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