Female Draco Reptilian explains difference between Draco and opossum

In Japan, the book “Japanese Emperor is a Draconian” was sold millions and became a Best Seller book.

In US, inhumane laws are called Draconian Law.

What is Draconian? Are they everywhere disguising as humans?

Now, I want you to take a look at this article written by a female Draconian disguising as a Caucasian. She explains the difference between Draconian and opossum.

She explains her pet opossum has a prehensile tail, JUST LIKE SHE DOES.

This means this lady is NOT a human because human does NOT have a prehensile tail. So she is a Draco Reptilian (Draconian) with a prehensile tail. But most of the time, she is disusing as human wearing human hologram.

Of course, her targeted readers are also Draconians.

The image of Draconian with a prehensile tail.

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