Mass Shooting in El Paso??? Staged Event by Government

I’ve watched many Youtube News Videos, but none of them convinced me it really happened.

20 dead and 27 injured???

News videos showed NO bodies nor injured people.

This is the only clip they showed you “Bodies were scattered in the Parking lot.”

Can you see a body (blurred area) lying on the parking lot? I can’t! But I can see a crisis actress jogging beside it.

This image is from at 1:10.

Next scene is a guy is hiding under a seat. I am sure this scene has been created in CIA studio separately.

This image is from at 1:31.

Can you imagine how busy Walmart is during School Supply Shopping weekend?

But Look behind gunman! You cannot see people at all.

This staged event might happened some vacant Walmart with hundreds of law enforcement officers including FEMA agents and CIA agents and crisis actors & actresses.

Why are they keep doing this? Government wants to manipulate people so that people can be really scared, and they feel stronger police state is needed. That can make Government to spend more money to make stronger Police State in US.

How they manipulate people:

Problem – Reaction – Solution

Problem: Government makes staged FAKE shooting events to scare people.

Reaction: By those shooting news, people become really scared and feel they need stronger Police State.

Solution: Now, Government can implement stronger Police State.

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