Star Wars Canyon where Navy Hornet Fighter Jet crashed!

“Star Wars Canyon” in Death Valley on Google Map,-117.5441758,7503m/data=!3m1!1e3

I’ve found the following video very interesting.

His name is Rex (=dinosaur)? He might be a (good?) Reptilian.

He said he went to China Lake Alien Base and found some huge vents (even without a cover) around there. As he said, I am sure those vents are coming out of Reptilian Secret Underground Base for air intake.

Look at these images from this video.

It looks there are 2 (and more) entrances toward Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Another interesting image. Just beside the landing strip of Naval Air Weapon Center, some area has been sunk around 3~5 feet?

My guess, as usual, this might be caused by Reptilian Secret Underground Base collapse.

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