Kentucky Gas Explosion at 5 a.m

Early morning is the major time for Explosions!

No more nasty Gas to depend on

A crater opened up after the explosion.

Cars were incinerated.

Look! Beside the crater, tree bushes are OK (red line). But fire reached so far to the houses where the low vibration people were living.

Again, just like some other (wild?)fires, all the trees are intact. Flame was projected the targeted direction.

NOAA Satellite Image

Victim identified following massive gas pipeline explosion in Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Coroner’s Office has identified the victim as Lisa Denise Derringer, 58, of Stanford.

Authorities say the explosion happened in the area of Bowens Loop Road in the Moreland community near Junction City and Hustonville. U.S. 127 was closed in the area as a result, as emergency directors have set up a command center. At its peak, the flames reached approximately 300 feet in the air.

Several structures caught fire in the area of the Indian Camp subdivision. Those flames were extinguished Emergency managers say five others are injured. Everyone else was accounted for.

Emergency managers say a ruptured gas line was the cause of the explosion. Crews have been able to shut off the gas. At least 75 people evacuated from the scene. Some of those displaced went to New Hope Baptist Church for shelter. Some have since left the shelter and returned to their homes. At least five homes were destroyed, and others were damaged.

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