Mother Marry statue suddenly started shedding her tear

Mother Marry is crying because End Time (Rapture) is coming. Most of people still do not have enough high vibration to reach the Heaven (5th Dimension = 5D).

3D Earth (present Earth) is going to be destroyed. All the natural disasters including mega tsunami, mega earthquakes, super volcano eruptions and great flood are coming to vacate all the inhabitants on the Earth. Mother Marry is letting you know that End Time is coming soon by shedding her tear.

Yesterday, a spaceship came over my house to let me know “The ascension is near”. They can communicate with me by flashing light that is completely different than lightning.

When I open the door to my balcony, suddenly, flashing light started. I knew this was the sign that my real family in upper dimension came visiting me. They wanted to let me know “The Ascension is near, so you should be ready for it.” Of course, I answered “I’m ready!”

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