Magnitude 4.6 Earthquake – Washington – Jul. 12, 2019

This area is not too far from Microsoft Headquarter where there are huge population of Reptilians and their slaves are working. The most of slaves in Microsoft cannot afford houses around Microsoft and many of them are living around this area. What I want to emphasize here is this area is still Microsoft area.

Right now, I am going show you these quakes hit right on Reptilian Secret Underground Base.,-122.0177371,5979m/data=!3m1!1e3

Red dots are the epicenters of the quakes including M4.6. Blue circles are the typical surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base.

Let’s look at each surface facilities. There are 2~3 quarries around this area. As I mentioned before, mines and quarries are the construction sites and main entrances of Reptilian Secret Underground Bases.

Correctional Center is used to get free workers and free human blood & meat for cannibal Reptilians. You can find some articles that correctional centers are collecting blood from prisoners. Some young prisoners might be abducted into their underground bases for Reptilian consumption.

Industrial & commercial area are surface facilities of Reptilian Secret Underground Base and of course, connected. They use grocery and some other stores as their storage for their consumption and emergency stock.

Fairground and race tracks are also their surface facilities.

Because of the area has Reptilian Secret Underground Base, I conclude this tremors were caused by the Cleaning-up Operation led by Galactic Federation of Light.

Look! Today, the Cleaning-up Operation is spreading toward the woods.

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