M2.6 quake directly hit Air Field of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake


Look at the depth -0.7km!

I looked up the altitude of Ridgecrest It is 2,290′. When we convert from feet to meters. It is about 700 meters = 0.7km.

That means the depth of epicenter of M2.6 quake hit the air field of Naval Air Station was right on the surface of the ground!

As you know, NO earthquake can be created on the surface of the ground. So this was NOT an earthquake!

Then what was it? Of course, this quake was caused by the Cleaning-up Operation right on Naval Air Station led by Galactic Federation of Light.

All the US military or any other countries’ military organizations are the enemy targets of Galactic Federation of Light. All the military organization on the Earth are Dark-side operated by evil cannibal aliens including some of Reptilian species.

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