Rosie O’Donnell trashes Ivanka Trump, suggests ‘creepy, incest feel’ in relationship with father

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You can judge whether they have “incest” or not from the following images.

Donald Trump aides refer to Ivanka as his ‘real wife’, new book claims

If you are human, you do not know the culture of Reptilians. The culture of Reptilians are very different from human culture.

You might not able to believe it, but incest is the important part of the Reptilian culture.

In a Reptilian family, when daughter becomes around 10 years old when bloody period starts appearing, father is going to train his daughter sexually.

The best example is the novels of Danielle Steel. Have you read some of her novels? I read several of them. Her novel is very interesting and a page turner. But her every novel has the content of incest of a father and a daughter. The incest content in her novel is really detailed as if she herself has been experienced.

One of her novel shows how it happens. Mother stays beside the bed where her husband starts molesting and even starts intercourse with her daughter. The mother is telling her daughter “You have to accept your father as a sexual trainer.”

In Reptilian culture, incest is not only a father & daughters but also a mother & sons.

I had a Reptilian female friend who told me “Every mother has to do blow job for her sons so that sons can concentrate on study in school.” I felt really strange, so I asked her “Who is that every mother?” She just answered “Every mother!”

After I’ve realized that there is another spices living on the Earth disguising as human, now I’ve realized who “every mother” is. That “every mother” is a Reptilian mother.

I give you another good example of incest going on in Reptilian family.

Hulk Hogan and his daughter

In human culture, incest is a shameful secret that nobody should not talk about it, but in Reptilian culture, incest is the natural part of growing up in a family.

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