Freddie Mercury from Pleiades – Time Waits For No One

This song that was hidden by Reptilian Authority is so timely song now.

Time is illusion in 3D world. Time does not exist 5D or higher world. When 3D world finish (=End Time), time will be finished.

Look at the image at the end of his song. Suddenly Pleiades Star System appeared. This suggest he had come from Pleiades, and he was a Pleiadian.

He had been killed (medical assassination just like Michael Jackson and Prince were killed by doctor assassins) when he was only 45 years old. That suggests he had come from Galactic Federation of Light. Many songs suggest the truth that Media (Reptilian Authority) hides.

Pleiadian message says “Pleiadians are very talented in especially music. Many singers are indeed Pleiadians.”


It looks like Major Media started releasing the information about this song, “Time Waits For No One” just today in order to inform people “We are living in End Time”

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