Operation Earth Liberation will continue until July 4th

Pleiadian Light Forces uses the advanced 5D energy technology to complete the clean-up of the energy of the old 3D matrix.

Light waves of 40 Hertz 5D range will arrive again in the next 72 hours as the old matrix continues giving away to the new Earth.

Look forward to powerful news appearing in the major media before July 4th talking about the closing of the old matrix that is happening.

Delta operation forces will be physically removing the remaining few fake and old controllers of the low vibration cabal in the next four weeks of the Earth.

The dimensions are colliding as the overlap of the new 5D light matrix is gently being adjusted in its place on this planet.

The pleiadian delta security fleets are now monitoring everything that moves so know that all is well.

We had some white-out condition in Schumann Resonance Chart with Light waves of 40 Hertz 5D range

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