Jessica Biel is fighting against California Government is forcing kids to get POISONOUS VACCINES

Vaccine has mercury preservative that can kill your nerve. Mercury is the nerve agent to kill and damage your nerve that is why so many kids have gotten autism.

Decades ago, in Japan, Reptilian Princess Masako’s grandfather owned a company, Chisso that disposed tons of mercury into inland sea. People who ate fish contaminated by mercury died or become gravely ill and handicapped.

These are the pictures of mercury poisoning of those people.

Who are forcing vaccination and why they are forcing kids to get them?

Of course, Reptilian Authorities = Illuminati are forcing this system to damage your kids nerve as much as they can. They want human being to dumb down so that you have to stay as their slaves forever.

By injecting mercury, they can dumb down so that you cannot be smarter than those Reptilians. Many kids with sensitivity can get autism because their nerves are greatly damaged by the injected mercury.

You should not allow Reptilian Health Authorities = Government to inject mercury to your children. Look up how you can avoid vaccination. In Alabama, parents have to write a letter and hand in to Health Administration. It was easy for me even English is my second language. I wrote one sentence.

This is the example of letter to avoid vaccination with mercury. In Alabama, you do not need to notarize.

Alabama statue and number of religious exemption

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