Saving abandoned puppies

Related image

The image above is the similar puppies my eldest son found in the woods.

In a couple of days, I was very busy taking care of abandoned puppies. My eldest son found 5 abandoned puppies in somewhere in the woods in Tuscumbia Al where we live.

They were huddling together when he encountered them. But unfortunately, one was already dead. Another was not able to move at all. He brought 4 puppies including almost dying puppy.

When I went home, he brought the cute puppy to me and said “I have 3 more.” I was surprised.

When I went inside the house, 3 cute puppies are running around the house. He showed me a puppy who could not move because of the starvation and dehydration. I let that puppy to drink water, and he drunk a lot but he vomited. In that night, I drove 2 hours to get puppy baby formula and baby feeder to nearest Petsmart in order to feed that dying puppy. I thought he could survive.

I fed him formula, and he started moving and started walking. I thought I succeed to revive him. But next day, his condition was suddenly getting worse. He was getting weaker and weaker. He lost the strength to walk. He had very pain whenever I fed. I let him rest with the hope he suddenly regain his strength. He just rested and stopped moving. One of his brother stayed with him licking him and keeping him warm. Time to time, that dying puppy moved and made noise. His last moment was that he moved his mouth open and closed like 3 times. That was his last movement I saw. Then he finally died.

I was wondering that giving the formula was bad? If I did not feed him, did he survive? One day before he died, he had enough strength to drink water and walk.

I cannot believe some people (probably Reptilian/hybrids or Reptilianized human) can be so cruel. It is obviously some guy left them to die in the middle of nowhere in the woods. He did not have time to bring them to animal shelter? I felt so sad and angry to those kind of cruel people or species.

This was not the first time to encounter animal cruelty. When I was a child, my neighbor in Japan had German shepherd babies. I asked them to give me one, and they brought me one, but he was too tiny so my mother said “He needs to be fed by mother for a while” and took him back to the neighbor. A few weeks later, I asked them about that puppy. They said “I thought you do not want him. We brought all puppies to a river and thrown them into river.” What??? They kill them all???

I cannot believe those people are so cruel, and they do not have RESPECT FOR LIFE at all! I live the neighborhood where people do hunting animals. Of course, they do not have respect for life.

Today, I drove 3 hours to Huntsville AL to animal shelter where those surviving puppies have good chance to get adopted by good family. I lied I found them in that area. While I was waiting to register those puppies in animal shelter, a nice family with 3 kids came. I just asked “Do you want these puppies?” Those kids loved puppies, and they kept hugging. Their son really wanted get them. He asked his mother. He said “To encounter these cute puppies, this is not coincidence. This is our destiny to get them.” I agreed with him. “Yes, this is destiny.” That was before the registration. I said “You can get them for free!” I know that animal shelter charges very expensive fees for adoption. But mother was not sure that she should had gotten them. She needed more time to decide. Unfortunately, the animal officer came, and I had to register those puppies. The mother said “Let’s check adult doggies.” The boy was very disappointed. But still this was destiny for them to adopt them. I know after they see all the dogs in the shelter, they will be back for those puppies, German Shepherd Mix puppies. So God showed me the future family for those puppies so that I feel happy for them. So for those surviving puppies, it was happy ending.

P.S. My sons removed all the ticks inside their ears. I washed them with shampoo and Borax so that they can be snuggly without flea.

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