Abandoned Reptilians’ Mansions

I don’t know why Reptilians or Reptilian Agencies abandon their mansion or some other structure such as restaurants and hotels.

You can find many Youtube videos about abandoned structure all over the world. Many of them have intact furniture, kitchen equipment and all the decoration in place. Why they abandon them instead of selling them. All the left out stuff are still usable.

Kate Hudson is a Reptilian who has 6 toes instead of 5. The most of people appear on TV are Reptilian/ Hybrids.

According to Perez Hilton, Kate Hudson has 6 toes

The next, Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion.

The buyer of his mansion was arrested.


“The FBI set up a sting by acting as an agent of a drug lord. Monea was arrested, eventually convicted of conspiracy and money laundering. He is expected to remain in prison until 2018. “

Why so many Reptilians’ mansions are abandoned instead of being sold?

My guess is that they do satanic rituals in their huge properties, and they do eat human children and drink their fresh squeezed blood. Their properties have full of human remains, maybe hundreds of human remains somewhere underground. That is why NOBODY can live in those properties because those secret should be kept. If somebody buys it, those buyers might be in jail or even killed.

Look at those crazy decoration and statues in the abandoned mansion.

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