Naval Reptilian Underground Bases had been burn down in Jacksonville & Ocala Florida by Galactic Federation of Light

I want to recap about 2 wildfires happened recently in Jacksonville & Ocala Florida.

Yellow Bluff Fire near 1-95 and Jacksonville International Airport & wildfire in Ocala have the common with Naval Reptilian facilities.

Jacksonville has not only International Airport that always has Reptilian/Military Secret Underground Base but also Naval Air Station.,-81.6984795,9504m/data=!3m1!1e3

Ocala National Forest has the BOMBING RANGE used by Jacksonville Naval Air Station.

These wildfires had happened about at the same time (the end of last month), and those area have the common things, Naval Air Station and their BOMBING RANGE.

Not on the Google map, but there are more common things in Jacksonville and Ocala National Forest in Florida. That is Reptilian/Military Secret Underground Bases under those area, and their underground bases were burnt with extreme high temperature by Galactic Federation of Light. That caused surface temperature high and made wildfire.

At least 2 wildfires popping up around Jacksonville Florida today!

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