The FAKE NEWS, Virginia Beach Shooting with many crisis actors actresses

Scene one, Take one!

One Police officer BY HIMSELF!

Scene Two, Take one!

3 police officers killing time beside K9 police cars without K9 officers

Scene Three, Take one!

3 officers SYNCHRONIZED running in front of the City office building

Scene Four, Take one!

One officer running behind a wall

Scene Five, Take one!

Several boys entering the city office building

Scene Six, Take one!

City employees raising hands and walking or running

When they (who have low IQ) make the shooting FAKE NEWS movie, they create the scenario with LONE GUNMAN with so many victims that makes the shooting carnage FAKE NEWS less realistic.

Of course, hugging each other is the main scene for the FAKE SHOOTING NEWS. There is ALWAYS hugging scene in FAKE SHOOTING NEWS.

But in FAKE NEWS, you cannot see very much emotions and fear in those FAKE scenes because it is FAKE.

Why Reptilian Authority keeps creating FAKE NEWS? It is because they want human population to stay in fear condition so that they can easily control human population as their cattle. The textbook of Psychology explains how easy to control people who are in fear.

It is also because Reptilian Authority wants to implement a new policy as the result of Problem, Reaction & Solution.

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